Experience a Fusion of Cultures, Histories and Flavours

Tran Tran is a well-known, well-loved Vietnamese restaurant that found its home in Richmond, Melbourne. We opened our doors in 1991 and almost three decades later, we’ve never strayed from our authentic Vietnamese roots.
Our dishes are all created with our rich, traditional culture in mind, so you can have a taste of Vietnam with every visit to Tran Tran.


Our family opened the doors to Tran Tran and began to offer traditional, family-owned recipes to the local Melbourne community.


We underwent a major renovation and discovered a piece of our building’s past in the process. This was the year that Australian and Vietnamese histories truly combined.


We continued to develop our menu and services to merge the modern-day cuisine with older, deeper traditions.


When the Vietnamese war broke out in 1955, our family migrated the country by boat to settle in Australia. The risky journey paid off, as we brought more overseas with us than we may have realised at the time. On that boat came Vietnamese culture and cuisines, something that is so defined that it never really dies.

In 1991, Tran Tran was born as a family-owned and operated Vietnamese restaurant. It wasn’t out of place on the multicultural Victoria Street in Richmond, an area that’s also known as Little Vietnam. Here, visitors have access to fresh Asian produce with the convenience of public transport and close CBD proximity.

Our building’s architecture dates back to the 1890’s and it originally served as a chapel. In 2009, Tran Tran underwent a major renovation, which was when its interesting past came to light. We pulled down the restaurant’s false ceiling and were lucky enough to discover the original chapel ceiling, later finding out the building’s historical significance.

Our Dishes

Today, Tran Tran remains in the hands of our family. We continue to honour our Vietnamese cultural past, whilst also bringing the menu into the future. We feel that our menu appeals to both the modern-day Australian palate and those seeking a taste of traditional Asia.Our food is carefully crafted to offer a splice of Vietnamese culture and cuisines, at an affordable price and in a fascinating setting. We’re proud to be known for our friendly, fast service and our fresh, tasty and authentic dishes.

When you think of Vietnamese food in Richmond, think of Tran Tran.
See our mouth-watering menu to discover what we have on offer.


of our favourite clients
  • I have been dining at Tran Tran for about 13 years now. It’s the best Vietnamese in town especially the grilled beef in vine leaf and plum duck! Staff are always super friendly, attentive and very welcoming.
    Sandra Rouland
  • Excellent menu and service. Front end staff very attentive and friendly. Choices plentiful and prices represent good eating value. Rest rooms were of a very high standard and clean.
    Catherine Chapman
  • With out doubt, the very best Traditional Vietnamese Restaurant in Melbourne.... it has to be good because it is the choice of most of the Vietnam Veterans
    Brendan Kincade